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Completely dedicated to advancing life sciences with AI

Raven biosciences is a boutique consulting and innovation company with complete dedication to life-science as a business vertical. Our experts have a deep understanding of business and commercial needs in biotech, pharma, and diagnostics. Together, we have decades of experience in the timely delivery of efficient and advanced analytics solutions for the life-sciences.

The significance of the raven

Odin was the most powerfull god of the Norse pantheon – the god of knowledge. His domain included wisdom, magic, and the runic alphabet. The runes themselves were a form of esoterica. They were inaccessible, but said to be possibly magical. We believe in the essense of this magic in that data and the knowledge we can extract from it is incredible, though extracting and interpreting this knowledge may be esoteric and inaccessible. Odin was able to harness this power and became the wisest to live with the help of his two ravens Huginn and Muninn, from whom we inherited our name. The two ravens would fly into the world every day bringing back knowledge to wisper in the ear of the [god/allfather]. We strive to be the raven on our customers shoulder, empowering them to learn and gain knowledge that may be outside their reach, but which may hold incredible, almost magical, power.

Management Team

Our CEO Roald Forsberg
Roald Forsberg

Founder and CEO

Our CFO Kenneth Graabek Johansen
Kenneth Graabek Johansen

Founder and CFO